Floriane Musseau: Gabriel Lester at Documenta 2012

Floriane Musseau

Floriane Musseau: Gabriel Lester at Documenta 2012

Floriane Musseau: Gabriel Lester at Documenta 2012

An open proposition around the EEG cask potentials
Project presentation. 2012-07-05

Artistic propositions in the gallery POT, around the psychogeographie and around my working tool the casque EEG. The idea is to discuss it with the present artists the place during my demonstration, to discuss the theme, to ask questions, etc…

First open proposal

The casque EEG allows to record our brain waves and to make them visible under forms of graphs. So we can see the level of stress and I will use this information into my work. I would like use arduino card for receive them. Once the module Arduino have taken some stress information, I will change them into artistic form. It will be many smokes in many different colors. Another idea, it can be just a intencity smoke who change its form like a big smoke or a small smoke.

Second open proposal

The psycho-geography is the study of the effects of the geographical environment acting directly on the emotional behavior of the individuals. I read a small text on the psycho-geography written by Robert McFarlane which left a mark on me by its suggestion and its artistic interest. So I want to pick up again some ideas of this text and change it to make a concrete work.

At first, the idea is to unfold a plan of the streets of Kassel (Germany) and to place a glass, upside down, wherever on the map, so as to draw a circle on its edge. Afterward it is necessary to take the plan, to go out in the city and to walk along the circle, by staying the possible closer of its circumference.

The purpose is to record this experience(movie, photography, paper or audio recording). The idea is » to grip the textual thread of the feather of the street « ; graffiti, snippets of conversation, record the stream of data. It is necessary to pay attention to the passage of metaphors, to look for the visual rhythms, for coincidences, for the analogies, for the changing moods of the street. Finally we complete the circle, and the recording ends. Then, the sorting begins, the idea is to find the signs of the city.

“Walk creates the contents; steps make the rest.”

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