Featuring: Matias Faldbakken

googMENTA (13)

Featuring: Matias Faldbakken

Featuring: Matias Faldbakken

Fr., 22.06.2012

Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 27
34117 Kassel

triple-double-u.com: googMENTA

googMENTA (13) is a compound referring to google, memory (MENTA) and dOCUMENTA (13) event. Memory is never the same. It is like work in progress. The rule applies to both, living organisms and machines. For example, some Anna introduces some John to some Peter. Five minutes later the same John might ask Peter to remind his name. On the other hand are the machines, which loose records in their RAM (Random access memory) after “stopping” the software or at reboot. Google search engine (machine) supplies new results in real time, though from another side Google introduced a possibility to use a time machine which then refers to the results in the past. This single moment is interpreted in the googMENTA (13) project through a series of images featuring artists who take part in dOCUMENTA (13) event. Images are routed through images.google.com search engine which are then aesthetically processed with a software in real time. Saved images remain as a time machine.

triple-double-u.com is a mixed up identity, semi cyborg semi human. It is like a human with a chip in the head accessing internet in real time. His work is to be associated with net art, software and interactive user interface. The “artist” conceptualises flow of digital information, analyses its inner logic and modes of application. In his works “artist” often links virtual and physical space. He engages deeply into social themes and takes up critical position towards contemporary neo-liberal tendencies.


glitchè: googSOUNDS, a De-Mix from Facebook Secrets to twitter Sonification + Sounds like Chili to stay

GoogMENTA (13). 2012-06-22