Michael Glen: Grace Exhibition

Michael Glen

Michael Glen: Grace Exhibition

Michael Glen: Grace Exhibition

As systems become progressively interconnected they become both homogenous and stable, however when failure does occur it causes catastrophic loss as nodes cascade failure throughout. This is common in both natural and societal systems – Disease epidemics, financial crises, electrical grid blackouts etc are all examples of complex interdependent systems prone to failure when the failure of one part causes nearby parts to overload or fail in a chain reaction.

This installation uses arduino and electronic systems to create an environment for the audience to inadvertently trigger a cascading failure event by operating similar methods used in a building security system, however in this case the system is inverted to create a sense of insecurity whereby the audience may be both the cause and victim of a system collapse.

Michael is an Australian audio-visual artist currently based New York City. He has created screen and installation based works across the US, Europe and Australia with an emphasis on the integration of projections in live performances and environments. http://bright-bit.com/


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