Mariko Hori: Airing

Mariko Hori

Mariko Hori: Airing

Mariko Hori: Airing Mariko Hori: Airing


Airing is an ongoing project in which Mariko Hori setts up small objects all over the city. The objects unexpectedly give a sudden refreshing moment. As for example non-art objects in art museum could look like art works. A similar feeling could be also perceived in a daily life. During the mini-residency Mariko sets up small objects all over the city, takes photos and uploads them to a dedicated website or magazine. Objects could be:

– high quality art work in the gaps between the buildings;
– small objects from stones or branches;
– books with small marks at some secondhand bookseller;
– strange fruits on the trees;
– an old man on the same bench everyday;
– …

Some objects may be taken away or become rearranged, some may remain untouched. Someone searching for objects may find something else. If found, objects could make thinking or feeling something unexpected. Wandering around the city could also bring some fun.

Mariko feels art of sudden refreshing moment. The city for her is like an art museum and she wants to give some hints for that.

Mariko Hori

Airing. 2012-06-26 – 2012-06-28
Photos: POT, Mariko Hori

Airing and p00l. 2012-06-30
Photos: POT, Mariko Hori

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