A number (13) The dOCUMENTA, the hEGEMON

Despite the fact a Critical Art Ensemble tries hard to get in touch
with people’s hearts and minds on the spot[1], despite the fact the
TRA.FO ‘fights’ since years for a friendly, clean but un-cleared and
pro-(street-)people gardening-claim on the bourgeois protestant
churchyard where jerks, drunk and junkies meet[2], despite the fact
WochenKlausur[3] had no other (better) 30.000,00 EUR-idea but
steelwork … pardon me! streetworkers for those subordinated
“subaltern”, despite the word “Competition is good for business” at
the Friedrichsplatz but “everyone for themselves” [4], despite the
fact VW loves to sponsor the Grossveranstaltung and Krauss-Maffei
Wegmann would adore it, despite the fact some Jakobs of the
dada13[5] were “based in Berlin” and took part in (if you like) the
Capital Gentrification Programme there and AND AND AND[6] are
“commoning” (“Liebe Bewohnerinnen und Bewohner Kassels / Dear
Inhabitants of Kassel”) before or after Detroit or Buenos Aires (?)
and the local motley Living Without Armament Group fixated on
Panzer[7] will be able to hand out home-baked Cookie Tanks under
this umbrella in Europe’s first theatre building in history, …

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