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Liberated but not free

Liberated but not free

Liberated but not free

We cordially invite you for the preview of “Liberated But Not Free”.

Thursday 14th of June, 2012, 19:00

With Margret Holz’s installation work based on process and Michael S. Lee’s drawings which project new trajectories, “Liberated But Not Free” focuses on the active juxtaposition of objects and their pasts.

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POT – Opening Glitche

We cordially invite you for the official Grand Opening of POT, Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 27, 34117 Kassel

Saturday, the 9th of June 2012
20:00 – 23:30

Feat.: Sascha Pogacar: Connex I/O / glitchè: Sounds like Chili to stay ( / POt-shirt/?s / Lewis McGuffie: Gnom Radio Study / Situation of Artistic Discussion: transmitting unsayable / Reading: “A number (13) The dOCUMENTA, the hEGEMON”

Bar open (Beer, Wine, Water, Softdrinks). Read even more

A number (13) The dOCUMENTA, the hEGEMON

Despite the fact a Critical Art Ensemble tries hard to get in touch
with people’s hearts and minds on the spot[1], despite the fact the
TRA.FO ‘fights’ since years for a friendly, clean but un-cleared and
pro-(street-)people gardening-claim on the bourgeois protestant
churchyard where jerks, drunk and junkies meet[2], despite the fact
WochenKlausur[3] had no other (better) 30.000,00 EUR-idea but
steelwork … pardon me! streetworkers for those subordinated
“subaltern”, despite the word “Competition is good for business” at
the Friedrichsplatz but “everyone for themselves” [4], despite the
fact VW loves to sponsor the Grossveranstaltung and Krauss-Maffei
Wegmann would adore it, despite the fact some Jakobs of the
dada13[5] were “based in Berlin” and took part in (if you like) the
Capital Gentrification Programme there and AND AND AND[6] are
“commoning” (“Liebe Bewohnerinnen und Bewohner Kassels / Dear
Inhabitants of Kassel”) before or after Detroit or Buenos Aires (?)
and the local motley Living Without Armament Group fixated on
Panzer[7] will be able to hand out home-baked Cookie Tanks under
this umbrella in Europe’s first theatre building in history, …

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